About me

Hello dear readers. My name is Robert Miles, and I have an immense love for fast motorcycling and a deep passion for motorcycles. With a decade-long involvement in motorsport, I have experienced thrilling adventures and have had the opportunity to explore various aspects of this exciting world.


One area where my expertise shines is in understanding motorcycle equipment and the importance of safe riding. I understand the importance of finding the right fit, style, and features that suit individual preferences. 

This has led me to start a blog where I can share useful information and insights with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. I firmly believe that I can make life easier for everyone who shares the same passion for motorcycles.

Through my blog, I provide valuable tips, guidance, and recommendations on equipment, gear maintenance, and safe riding techniques. I cover a wide range of topics, from helmet selection and maintenance to protective gear, riding techniques, and much more. 

I am driven by the belief that sharing information can improve the lives of others. I hope to contribute to a community that prioritizes safety, enjoyment, and the thrill of motorcycling. 

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