Can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding: everything you should know

Can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding? If you’re only beginning to skateboard, you can wonder this question. I want to say yes – you can use a bike helmet for skateboarding.

Nevertheless, some aspects would be quite useful to consider before doing so.

can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding

There are a few significant differences between bike and skateboard helmets. If you wish to use a bike helmet, it would be great to make certain that the helmet shields a part of the back of the head, as skateboard helmets do.

Eventually, the choice of whether to use a bike helmet for skateboarding relies on several aspects. Safety standards, helmet design, and individual preference are among them.

So, while some helmets may be fitting for both kinds of activity, it’s always better to examine the certification label inside the helmet to make certain that the helmet you select provides the proper protection for the hobby you wish to partake in.

In this article, you will learn if bike helmets can be used for skateboarding and several key distinctions between these kinds of helmets.

What are the significant distinctions between a bike helmet and a skateboard helmet?

So, can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding?

If you have a bike helmet and are thinking about using it for skateboarding, it is essential to be aware of the differences in its construction and design to make a thoughtful decision.

There are a few differences between skate and biking helmets, with one most significant of them being the capability to withstand multiple impacts.

There are main distinctions between a bike and skate helmets:

Bike helmets can withstand enormous force, skate style helmets do not have such durability.

Skateboarding helmets are able fairly successfully to endure multi-impact, and bike helmets can sustain one impact.

Skateboard helmets have thick shells while bike helmets have thin plastic.

Let’s talk about these differences in more detail.

bike helmet for skateboarding 2

Helmet coverage

Possibly the most noticeable distinction between a skateboard helmet and a bicycle helmet is the coverage.

A skateboard helmet is created especially for skateboarding. It is created to provide protection in the case of a fall and to diminish the risk of head injuries.

Skateboard helmets usually shield more areas of the head, specifically in the back. They are also supplied with quite a thick padding, which gives protection against dangerous falls. Regular bicycle helmets and motorcycle helmets, are created to shield against softer impacts and have little protection in the area of the back.

In case you can find a bike helmet that fits well, shields your head entirely, and conforms to both CPSC 1203 and ASTM F1492 standards, is quite certainly able to provide a level of protection that will be satisfactory.

Nevertheless, it will not be as efficient as a skateboard helmet.

Helmet shape and design

You possibly discovered skateboarding helmets are designed quite differently than bike helmets.

Skate helmets have a round shape and a fairly smooth surface. The lower back part is a specific feature of this protective gear. It equips users with protection against numerous backward falls.

When you partake in skateboarding there are many ways crashes can happen. One of the variants of falling is on the back of the head, this is the reason a skate helmet shields more than only the top of the head.

Bikers quite rarely fall on their backs. Nevertheless, this happens to kids more frequently.

There are helmets for kids that also shield the back of the head.

Because bicycle helmets are created of foam, there is a possibility, that heat can retain the foam inducing unpleasant feelings and sweat. But road bike helmet often has vents, thanks to which the air can flow through, helping your head to stay cool.

Also, bike helmets vary depending on the certain sport that the user is playing. There are various helmets for road cycling, mountain biking, and track cycling. Skateboard helmets do not have such variety.

So if you have a mountain bike you can fairly easily find a properly fitting helmet for your activity.

Also, bike helmet mostly comes in one size. A skateboard helmet is created in various amount of sizes.

bike helmet for skateboarding 4

Helmet fits

There are several things to be aware of if you wish to use a bike helmet for skateboarding.

For a start, it would be great to make certain that the helmet suits perfectly. It ought to be quite snug. It is better not to be too tight, though and it ought to sit level on your head.

The next step, you need to examine the straps to be sure they’re secure and won’t become loose during you’re skating.

The last step is advisable to examine that the helmet has the certification from CPSC – this will help you to make certain that it satisfies all safety standards.

Skateboarding helmets are having the more close fit, while bike helmets have the more loose fit.

Skateboarding helmets are made to shield against various kinds of crashes, and if you intend to utilize them for other activities, they may be suitable for this goal.

bike helmet for skateboarding 3

The difference in shells

The outer shell of a skateboard helmet isfairly hard. In particular cases, it can endure multiple impacts. The shell is mostly a little thicker than a bicycle helmet, which allows more impact. A bike helmet’s thinner shell is created to shield against one big impact, like if you happened to fall off the bike and hit your head on the pavement.

When skate helmets are making is expected that many soft falls can occur, while bike helmets are created to shield against one strong impact.

Multiple-impact skateboard helmets are also fairly lightweight, but unlike bike helmets, they are mostly stiffer and more sturdy to protect from impact, hence supplying a thick outer shell.

Different kinds of foam

Possibly the most noticeable difference that is worth noting is the kind of foam used. Essentially, foam inside helmets is utilized for energy management.

There are fairly many types of foams, some of them are created to endure one particularly hard impact, some for a few more severe impacts, and others to sustain numerous impacts, that will be more soft.

The most widespread helmets have Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

EPP is a rubbery or squishy material whose design allows it to withstand multiple impacts which are frequently located in skateboard helmets. Thanks to the rubber-like material, EPP can restore itself, unlike EPS.

bike helmet for skateboarding 5

Helmet durability

One more factor you need to consider is the sustainability of your helmet. For the creation of most bike helmets were used polystyrene foam. Also, they have a fairly thin layer of plastic on the outside. This type of helmet is not able to deliver much protection from dangerous and strong impacts, so it is not perfect for skateboarding.

A more suitable choice would be a helmet made of foam that will be more hard. It can be created from polycarbonate as one of the options. These helmets have more durability and can successfully shield your head if there is a fall has happened.

It is better to put on various helmets until you pick one that fits perfectly.

When looking for a skateboard helmet, it is advisable to search for the words “dual density” in the description of the EPS foam liner.

It is better not to presume that your skate helmet with an EPS liner can handle multiple impacts.

Anyway, your helmet needs to be replaced if there is occurred a crash, and the impact is quite significant. It will help to guarantee that you will be safe in case the next fall. So, it is better to purchase a new helmet.

So, individuals, that like to skateboard, should always wear helmets.

Now that you learned the most significant aspects that should be considered when buying a helmet, you can think about whether or not you can use your bike helmet for skateboarding.

Helmet standards

The most significant factor to consider when purchasing a helmet is certification. Each helmet ought to meet a special standard of safety. It depends on the place where you living and the organization supervising safety regulations.

To increase the level of safety of skateboarders and bicyclists, there were made standards for skate and bike helmets by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Snell Memorial Foundation. These standards demand that helmets satisfy specific criteria to be regarded as safe.

In the United States exist special bike helmet standards. Helmets created for cycling must satisfy the CPSC 1203 (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standard. So, bicycle helmets sold in the United States ought to conform to CPSC 1203 certification.

For instance, the ANSI standard demands that on the outside helmets ought to be hard, while the Snell standard demands that helmets ought to be able to handle numerous impacts.

Not all helmets have certification. A skate helmet without any certifications is not able to guarantee safety and can jeopardize your life.

There are some helmets in the sale that have dual certification and are very well fitting for both biking and skateboarding. These helmets had multiple tests to satisfy the safety standards of both ANSI and Snell.

A dual-certified helmet can be an excellent option for those who wish to wear one helmet for both sports.

With a dual-certified helmet, your head will be protected any time you are riding your bike or skating up a ramp. Also, for users who prefer to ride their bikes to a regional skate park, a dual-certified helmet can be especially well-fitting for bike riding.

Nevertheless, it is essential to inspect the label thoughtfully on helmets that says to hold dual certification to be certain that the certifications apply to both skateboarding and biking.

bike helmet for skateboarding 6

Frequently asked questions

Is there a difference between a bike helmet and a skateboard helmet?

Yes, there exist a few differences. For instance, helmets are not similar in coverage, shape, and durability.

For example, skating helmets have thick shells, whereas bike helmets have shells that are quite thin, made to withstand one severe crash. Skate helmets are made to handle many softer falls, whereas with bicycle helmets your head will be shielded against one big impact.

Also, you should fasten a bicycle helmet with a chin strap. When you put on a skateboard helmet you need to fasten it with a chin strap and also the straps that should be placed around the back of your head.

Can you use MTB helmet for skateboarding?

Yes, you can use a bike helmet for skateboarding. Nevertheless, purchasing a skating helmet will probably be more reasonable.

Bike helmets can also be utilized for in-line skating and scooter riding. Skateboard helmet has a distinct, specific design.

Should skateboard helmets be mandatory?

It should be mandatory to wear helmets when riding a skateboard. In case the users wear helmets it can diminish the risk of death or injury and lessen the severity of the injury if there is occurred a crash.

Safety is essential, so you should always be wearing a helmet while you are skateboarding. It is able quite successfully to shield your head from dangerous injury in case of a crash. Concussions and different head injuries occur, especially when you’re only starting to skate.

So, skaters need to skate only wearing helmets.

Why are BMX helmets different?

Most helmet labels will come with a little different cut or style, whereas most BMX helmets are created with a fuller cut than the standard cycling helmet. This more bucket-like helmet provides bigger coverage of the skull and thanks to this the more tight fit can be accomplished.


So, can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding?

Yes, you can do this, but it ought to satisfy the supplemental safety standard, ASTM F1492, to ensure the protection you wish for.

Also, bike helmets are not as sustainable as skateboard helmets and they do not have such a snug fit.

It is advisable to use dual-certified helmets. They are the perfect choice for those who wish to use the same helmet for both types of activity, as they can deliver a higher level of protection if you compare them to helmets that conform to only one standard.

So, if you select a proper helmet that meets all safety standards, you can undoubtedly use it for biking and skateboarding.

Also, it is better to make sure that along with a suitable helmet you also wear the other proper protective equipment, such as knee pads.

We hope we managed to answer the question ‘Can you use a bike helmet for skateboarding’ and this article was helpful to you.

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