How to clean non-removable helmet liner? [Detailed guide]

How to clean non removable helmet liner? Everyone knows cleaning the helmet liner is important for security and comfort during riding. If you have a removable helmet liner, then cleaning it is as easy as pie. But if you have a non-removable one, then you may be wondering how to clean it correctly. In our article, we will talk about in detail how to clean non-removable helmet liner. Let’s drill down it.

how to clean non removable helmet liner

What is a non-removable helmet liner?

Today, most motorcycle helmets have a removable interior, making them comfortable to use. You just need to clean it and put it in place. Nevertheless, some older helmets have non-removable interiors.

A non-removable helmet liner is a kind of helmet liner that cannot be removed from the helmet. The liner contains a few layers and pads, which help decrease the force of impact on the head.

As a rule non-removable liners are found on motorcycle helmets because they ensure more defense during accidents than removable liners.

Tip: it’s not recommended to use a helmet older than five years from the date of manufacture.

Steps before cleaning the non-removable helmet liner

As noted above cleaning a non-removable motorcycle helmet liner is not as plain as cleaning a helmet with removable linings.

Due to this, you need to follow a few essential steps to get your helmet ready for cleaning.

Step 1: Read the motorcycle helmet cleaning instruction. The helmet manufacturers themself can advise what cleaning solution to apply better than anyone. So check that you are using the correct solution by referring to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2: Look inside the motorcycle helmet liner. Check no debris can be manually removed.

Step 3: Take off the face shield and all the helmet accessories from the motorcycle helmet.

How to clean non removable helmet liner 8

What is required for proper cleaning of a non-removable liner?

Below is the list of things you need for the right helmet cleaning.

  1. A mild cleaning solution. For example, a blend of cold water and mild soap, such as baby shampoo or dish soap.
  2. A soft cloth or microfiber cloth. As a rule, a cloth is needed to gently wipe excess water after washing.
  3. A small brush. If needed you may gently scrub any mud using this brush.

Steps for cleaning non-removable helmet liner

Motorcycle helmet liners can be dirty and stink without cleaning them regularly.

Particularly concerning often riding in adust conditions.

There are a lot of methods of liner helmet cleaning at home. This is why you can clean non-removable helmet liner fast and simply. Below are the steps you need to stick to clean properly your helmet liner.

Step 1: Prepare your cleaning solution

Fill a large container with warm water and a mild cleaning solution like detergent for delicate clothing or baby shampoo, and blend it. For more meticulous cleaning you can use a diluted bleach solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) or wash powder.

Step 2: Apply the cleaning solution

Plunge the helmet and clean the helmet lining with your fingers.

You can use a soft cloth or sponge for rubbing softly the helmet liner not to hurt the material.

Also, you may hand wash the lining with water and mild soap using a damp cloth or wet towel without sinking the helmet in water.

Step 3: Wash off the liner

After you’ve finished cleaning, wash the helmet liner with clean water. Make certain that all the detergent is removed accurately from the liner.

Step 4: Dry the liner

Sponge the liner to remove excess water and then air dry it entirely before using it again. Moreover, you can also use a hair dryer in a cool setting for faster drying.

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Steps for cleaning non-removable helmet liner without chemicals

If your helmet liner is not heavily soiled, for example, it smells bad from long wear, you can wash it without chemical substances.

Below are the steps on how to clean your motorcycle helmet liner without chemicals.

Step 1: Take off the helmet and turn it bottom-up.

Step 2: Using a wet towel, wipe the lining out, starting from the back and going ahead.

Step 3: Rinse the helmet with pure water after removing all the dirt and trash.

Step 4: Wipe the helmet with a dry cloth or sponge and air dry completely before using it again.

Guidelines for cleaning of the non-removable helmet liner

Although your helmet liner is not demountable, remember that it still needs regular cleaning to keep it intact and clean.

Below is a list of guidelines for cleaning, drying, and sanitizing your helmet liner with tough blots and sticky dirt.

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Guidelines for cleaning, drying, and sanitizing the helmet liner

  1. Non-oil-based soap. For hand washing smooth tissue, you should use a mild, non-oil-based soap. Oil-based soaps injure the filaments of the material.
  2. Mild cleaning solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or citrus-based products because they can damage the padding and area of your helmet.If you have blots or sticky residue on the padding of a helmet liner, blend a gentle cleaning solution of warm water and simple white vinegar. Apply the solution with a soft cloth and keep it for a few minutes before wiping it.
  3. Take off and clean the cheek pads and any other padding. In addition to cleaning the lining inside the helmet, it is also recommended to do the same thing for cleaning any other padding.
  4. Use a cotton swab to clean hard-to-reach places like ventilation ducts.
  5. During washing do not use hot water or harsh chemicals, as this can damage the outer shell of the lining.
  6. You should use cold or warm water when you’re blending the solution, as hot water can injure the lining material.
  7. Don’t forget to meticulously rinse off any soap rests before letting the lining dry entirely.
  8. As mentioned above, the best option is to air-dry entirely your helmet liner. If air drying is not possible, a low-temperature hair dryer or electric fan can be used.Do not tumble dry or use any type of heat source or heated air to accelerate drying time.
  9. Disinfection of the helmet liner will help get rid of any bacteria and microbes.The perfect option is to clean the material with a special cleaner or mild soap and warm water. As noticed above, you can use a diluted bleach solution as well.
  10. Never use a glass cleaner on any part of the helmet including a helmet liner.
  11. Meticulously clean the inside and outside of your motorcycle helmet at least twice during the riding season.
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Before starting to clean your helmet liner, it’s also worth reading the answers to frequently asked questions regarding helmet cleaning.

How do you wash a helmet without removable liner?

To do this you should follow the next steps for cleaning your helmet inside and out.

 • Remove all helmet accessories;
 • Gently wipe the helmet’s exterior with a wet microfiber cloth;
 • Give the helmet a coat of wax;
 • Thoroughly wash the face shield of a helmet with a soft cloth;
 • Clean your helmet’s vents with a cotton swab;
 • To get rid of the helmet smell clean the inside of the helmet using a helmet spray;
 • Make sure every nook and cranny of the helmet is entirely dry;
 • Reassemble the parts you removed.

How do you disinfect a motorcycle helmet liner?

To do this washing in warm, soapy water and air drying your helmet liner is enough.
For disinfecting you also may spray the helmet liner with the cleaner, massage the cleanser and soak up any extra cleaner with a dry towel. Then if needed leave it to dry fully.
It’s recommended to pick a cleaner that is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and preferably not scented.

Can you use baby detergent to clean the helmet liner?

Yes, of course. Any baby detergent can be used to clean the lining of the helmet.
But it’s recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions before helmet cleaning for the first time.

Final thoughts

Thus, knowing the guidelines for cleaning a non-removable helmet liner and following the tips and owner’s manual will ensure that your helmet is always in working order and full readiness.

We hope our article will help you properly clean the helmet liner and keep your safety, comfort, and health.

If you need to read about how to clean non removable helmet liner, please read our article.

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