Pixie cuts and helmets: how to prevent helmet hair with short hair

You finally took the plunge and got that stylish pixie cut you’ve always wanted. It’s edgy, it’s bold, and it makes you feel like a whole new person. The only downside? Helmet hair. Whether you’re an avid motorcyclist, bike rider, or snowboarder, wearing a helmet with short hair can be a recipe for disaster.

By the time you take your helmet off, your once perfectly coiffed hairdo has been smashed into a greasy, matted mess. Not a good look. But don’t despair, there are some tricks you can use to avoid helmet hair and keep your chic new cut looking fresh. Read on to learn how to outsmart helmet hair and rock your pixie cut with confidence.

how to prevent helmet hair with short hair
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Choose a helmet that fits properly

Finding a helmet that fits perfectly, is the key to avoiding helmet hair with a pixie cut. An ill-fitting helmet will crush them and leave them sticking up in all directions once you take it off.

Look for a helmet that is snug but still comfortable. It shouldn’t slide around on your head or make you feel pinched. Helmets come in different shapes, so try on a few styles to find one suited for your head shape. Oval or round helmets often work well for most people.

The helmet should have padding inside that can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

Helmet padding that is too soft and too thin won’t cushion your head, while padding that is too thick will make the helmet sit up too high, leaving the bottom half of your head exposed.

Adjust the straps and helmet padding until the helmet feels snug but still comfortable enough to wear for a while.

Your short locks will still look chic once you arrive at your destination. Now get out and enjoy the long ride out!

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Apply a leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is a must for preventing helmet hair with short locks. Look for a lightweight formula designed for your hair type.

  • Apply the product evenly on your head, especially at the roots and ends. Gently work it into your scalp with your fingertips.
  • Pay extra attention to any areas that tend to get frizzy or fly away.
  • For extra helmet hair protection, you can also apply a serum, oil, or smoothing cream. Start with a tiny amount and add more as needed.

By properly conditioning and protecting your hair, you’ll avoid the dreaded helmet hair when you take the cycling cap off your helmet. Your short locks will still have body and movement, instead of being flattened and frizzy.

With some experimentation, you’ll find what works to keep your pixie cut looking fresh after wearing a helmet. Isn’t feeling confident with your hairstyle worth a little extra effort?

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Blow dry your hair before putting on your helmet

One of the best ways to prevent helmet hair with a pixie cut is to blow dry your hair before putting it on your helmet.

  • Start with towel-dried hair and apply a volumizing product like mousse or beach spray. Distribute it evenly throughout your hair, especially at the roots.
  • Use a round brush to lift hair at the roots as you blow dry. Aim the airflow in the opposite direction of how your hair naturally falls.

For the best results, blow dry your hair immediately before putting on your helmet.

If you need to read about how to vinyl wrap a helmet, please read our article.

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Wear helmet hair protection

Taking the right precautions can make a big difference when wearing a helmet regularly with a short hairstyle.

First and foremost, make sure you have a properly fitting helmet with adequate padding. A loose helmet can cause more friction and snagging of hair.

Opt for a helmet with plenty of padding on the interior band that comes in contact with your head. The extra cushioning will reduce irritation to your scalp.

Next, use hair products specifically designed for use under helmets.

Look for helmet hair creams, balms, and sprays that contain ingredients like beeswax and silicone.

Keep your helmet clean. Always clean your helmet regularly to remove oil, sweat, and product buildup that can aggravate conditions such as dandruff and hair loss.

Use gentle hair cleansers after wearing your helmet. Shampooing daily with a sulfate-free shampoo can help remove excess oils and products while still moisturizing your hair. Consider using a scalp scrub brush to exfoliate your scalp and stimulate hair growth.

By following these tips with the right helmet, hair products, and regular cleaning, you can make a big difference and reduce helmet hair, even with short hair.

The key is wearing a properly fitting helmet, applying the right hair products, and keeping both your helmet and hair clean frequently.

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Style your hair after removing your helmet

Once you’ve arrived at your destination and removed your helmet, it’s time to fix your hair. Your pixie cut may look a bit smashed and chaotic after being under a helmet but don’t worry, there are a few tricks to quickly revive your style.

helmet 14
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Fluff and volumize

Gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen it up and add volume. You can also use a pick or teasing comb to lightly tease the roots and create lift, especially on the top and sides of your head.

Touch up with water

If your hair looks particularly smashed, dampen your hands with water and run them over and through your hair.

Make sure to blot with a towel to remove excess water before restyling the hair smooth again.

Consider headwear

If your helmet hairstyle is beyond help, you may need to conceal it under a hat until you’re able to properly wash and restyle your hair.

A stylish option like a newsboy cap silk scarf, beanie, or fedora can hide a bad hair day while still looking fashionable.

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How to evade helmet hair with long hair

Generally speaking, wearing helmets with shorter hair is similar to wearing helmets with long hair. Riders need to be aware the wind is the biggest concern when riding a bike with long hair.

You’d have hardly any option to ride with the hair neat a head winding up and coming out the best place. It’s advisable that long hair be braided, or you can just use hair ties.

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Embrace the beach look

For the long hair, one thing that has been helpful to many of us has to do with the helmet. It is recommended to use beach spray on wet hair before using a helmet.

Remove your hair from the sides, spray with a scrunch, then put them back together on a nape and shake until you reach your destination.

Helmet hair management option #3: get long hair out of the wind

Hair extending from the helmet padding to the front edge can be viciously twisted when the breeze blows it out.

Structured hair like French braid, soft waves, and dread can withstand wind damage. Other alternatives include a ponytail tucked-in neck tube, head sock, or silk scarf.

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Will a helmet ruin my pixie cut?

It’s a common concern, but wearing a helmet doesn’t have to mean helmet hair for those with short hairstyles. With some preparation, you can protect your pixie cut.

What can I do to prevent helmet hair?

Apply a texturizing product like wax, clay, or pomade before putting on your helmet. Beach spray is also great for adding texture and volume.

Consider wearing a headband, head sock, or bandana under your helmet. This prevents the helmet from directly contacting your clean hair.

Bring a small brush, comb, and mirror. Do a quick touch-up to your hairstyle as soon as you take off your helmet.

A little re-styling goes a long way. Damp hair will dry in the warm environment beneath your helmet, adopting a flat, lifeless style.

Try different helmet styles. An open-face helmet exposes more of your hair and head shape. Half-helmets or “shorty” helmets also provide more coverage than a beanie but less than a full-face helmet.

Keeping your helmet clean, lining it with cloth, and wearing a hair sock all help, too.
Freshen up your hairstyle. Get regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain your pixie cut.

With the right preparation and styling products, you can prevent the dreaded helmet hair from ruining your hairstyle.

How do you wear short hair under a helmet?

To wear short hair under a helmet, use a headband or bandana to keep your hair in place, and apply light hair products to reduce frizz and maintain your hairstyle.

Can you prevent helmet hair?

Yes, by using proper helmet size and care methods. The pressure of a helmet can affect hair growth and even cause hair loss.

What are the best hairstyles to avoid helmet hair?

To avoid helmet hair, opt for low-maintenance hairstyles that can endure the pressure of a helmet without losing shape.

Choosing a loose ponytail, braid, or bun at your nape can help maintain volume and prevent hair from flattening. Additionally, wearing a silk or satin hair cap under the helmet can reduce friction and further protect your hairstyle.


Clean hair + clean helmet + helmet hair protection = great hair.

So, there you have it, a few tips to keep your pixie cut looking fresh even after wearing a helmet.

With some strategic planning and the right hair product, you can rock your short hairstyle and still enjoy activities that require helmet hair protection.

Don’t let the fear of helmet hair hold you back from cycling, motorcycling, or any other adventure.

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