How to remove scratches from helmet visor: Ride without obstacles!

A common one-million-dollar question for every rider is how to fix a scratched motorcycle helmet visor. Since the cyclist’s life is so active, no wonder the helmet visor gets scratched with time.

Here we are to share the best tips on how to remove scratches from helmet visor!

how to remove scratches from helmet visor
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Can you fix a scratched motorcycle helmet visor?

When you have a helmet covered with scratches and scuffs, this is the first question you are interested in. Is it possible at all to dispose of these issues?

Fortunately, the answer is quite reassuring: yes, you can clean helmet visor scratches by hand!

Here are several ways to clean helmet visor scratches of minor and medium sizes. When noticed and fixed in time, the visor scratches are not so tough to deal with.

However, for the deeper scratches, the only way to solve the problem is to get a replacement visor or a new helmet.

A motorcycle helmet visor is a face shield that protects you from road debris and damage when riding. As you keep it on when traveling, it is essential to keep it clean and clear to see the road ahead.

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Is it possible to fix any types of scratches?

The helmet visor scratch removal is a possible task. However, it doesn’t work equally for each situation.

  • Minor scratches are the easiest to remove. You can try several ways to fix them by several methods.
  • Medium scratches can require more reliable fixing methods. However, sometimes they are prone to get worse, so you can’t remove them completely.
  • In the case of numerous, wide, or deep scratches, the best option is to get a new helmet or a replacement visor instead. Since the multiple damages are too hard to remove, and the deeper scratches are mostly permanent, it doesn’t be worth so much effort to fiddle with them. Moreover, you can’t fix them so well that you could ride safely.
  • Long story short, don’t be afraid to say goodbye to the severely damaged helmet visor! You would rather replace it with a new visor or buy a whole new motorcycle helmet.
  • As for the tinted helmet visors, they require special care tips. The tint is very thin and prone to damage, so it is an extra possibility to get a scratched motorcycle helmet visor.
  • Unless you want to remove tint from your helmet visor, you should be extra careful so as not to do it accidentally. However, if the tint is scratched, you can simply remove or replace it. It is much easier than fixing scratches on the visor directly.
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Do you always have to remove scratches from your helmet?

You will be surprised but sometimes the helmet visor scratches shouldn’t be removed at all! The necessity of scratch removal depends on the size and location of the scratches. In other words, if there are some small scratches on your visor, or the scratched area does not bother your vision, it’s better not to touch them.

When you try to remove scratches that are not so serious, you can even worsen the situation. The wrong scratch removal can damage the surface, so you will have no choice but to buy a new helmet.

How to fix your scratched motorcycle helmet visor?

Depending on some points, you can opt for different ways to fix your scratched motorcycle helmet visor.

However, the first thing to do is to clean your motorcycle helmet visor! Before you start working, you need an absolutely clean surface. Use mild soap and a soft cloth to remove all the dust and debris from the helmet.

Don’t ignore all the nooks and crannies that can hide the accumulated mess!

Now, you can proceed with any of these scratch-removal tips:

#1. Professional care

The pro tips always work best. If you can afford it, get a professional visor cleaner, scratch removal wax, or a cleaning kit. If your bike helmet has several minor or medium scratches, the pro cleaner can easily remove them and prevent turning them into deeper ones.

#2. Sanding

Sanding is one of the best-known methods to fix damaged surfaces. As you can guess, it works for removing scratches from the helmet visors as well. However, this method is good for cheaper visors. Avoid sanding a more expensive visor so as not to damage it completely.

To fix your visor by sanding, you need a list of tools and items: 320 (or 500) grit sandpaper and 1500 (2000) grit sandpaperscratch remover, plenty of clean water, and soft towels. You can also optionally use a drill with a buffing wheel.

  1. Remove the visor from the helmet and clean it thoroughly. Then, let the visor dry completely before proceeding with the next step.
  2. Take a 320 or 500-grit sandpaper and dampen it with water. Then, wet sand your visor in circular motions. Check with your nails if the scuffs and scratches come off.
  3. Use 1000-2000 grit sandpaper to get rid of the sanding scratches. Actually, you can skip the point above and use only this type of sandpaper if the scratches are not so deep.
  4. Keep in mind that wet sanding is crucial, as dry sandpaper can cause extra damage to your visor. As a variant, you can keep your visor under running cold water while wet-sanding it.
  5. Now, polish the surface with a scratch remover applied on a piece of clean cloth or soft towel. You can also complete this step with a help of a drill with a buffing wheel. Attach any buffing wheel to the drill and finely polish your visor.
  6. Now, clean your helmet from the dust or the scratch remover with the help of clean soft towels. Keep cleaning and wiping your visor until it is completely dry and clean.
  7. Attach your fixed visor to the helmet, and you are good to go!

#3. Touch-up paint

Getting the touch-up paint is quite an expensive option, so this method is good if you have multiple scratches and scuffs. For a slightly scratched visor, opt for something different so as not to waste the paint.

However, if your visor is covered with defects, a good idea is to cover it up with the touch-up paint of the matching color.

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#4. Permanent marker

One more easy way to fix smaller scratches is to cover them with a permanent marker of a matching color and shade. Since this method is cheap and efficient, it is one of the most popular as well.

Depending on what color your motorcycle helmet visor is, get a marker of the proper color and cover all the minor defects up. However, remember that some types of visor materials are not compatible with permanent markers.

#5. Toothpaste

Using toothpaste for fixing your visor is a great budget option. It works perfectly for minor damage to your visor without buying any expensive remedies. However, it will hardly help if you have deep scratches.

Keep in mind that you should choose the right toothpaste for anti-scratch therapy! Opt for mild and non-abrasive toothpaste, such as children’s or sensitive ones.

Remember that abrasive compounds can easily deep-scratch your visor instead of fixing it!

Cover the scratched area with mild toothpaste. Apply it on the soft damp cloth and move in gentle circular motions. For better effect, you can add some baking soda to the toothpaste.

  • Don’t move vertically or horizontally along the scratches!
  • Forget about any toothbrushes so as not to worsen the situation!

Then, rinse your helmet visor well with slightly warm water, wipe it with a soft cloth, and let it dry completely.

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How to prevent helmet visor scratches?

It is much easier to keep your helmet visor in tip-top condition rather than fix the scratched visor. Taking proper care of helmet visors is the best tip on how to keep them safe and sound for a long time.

Here are the most effective tips on how to prevent scratches on your helmet visor:

#1. Avoid touching

It is never a good idea to touch your helmet visor with your bare hands. Never forget that your fingerprints contain body oils and dirt that are left on the visor surface. As a result, you can easily damage the anti-fog coating on the helmet visor.

Always use gloves or a piece of clean cloth to touch your visor and avoid dirt accumulation on the surface.

#2. Clean smartly

When cleaning your helmet, always follow the right cleaning tips for such a type of surface!

Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners that can additionally scratch your motorcycle helmet visor. Opt for the mild soap that can gently care for your helmet.

#3. No rubbing

A common issue for many motorcyclists is scratching the visor just by hand. As the road debris is sticking to the helmet visor, the first thought is to rub it thoroughly… And that is it, your first and biggest mistake!

Motorcycle helmet visors are so easy to scratch, so never be too eager when rubbing the sticking dirt away. Gently wipe the helmet visor with a soft cloth to remove the accumulated mess.

#4. Don’t use a dry paper towel

So, that is your second mistake when you wipe the dirt away. If you decide to clean the helmet visor with a dry paper towel, be ready to get more scratches on it!

A dry paper towel is not compatible with motorcycle helmet visors. The best idea is to wipe your helmet with a clean microfiber cloth that is gentle on the material and can’t damage it.

#5. Store your bike helmet properly

Proper storage is always crucial. When your helmet is not in use, place it in a soft and clean bag. Don’t place any extra items inside, such as your dirty gloves or a bandana.

Be sure that you keep your helmet in a safe place without any dust, moisture, or spiders access to it.

#6. Be careful

A caring tip that doesn’t require any explanations: don’t drop or rub your helmet against harsh surfaces! It is completely your fault if careless handling damages the helmet.

#7. Check your visor regularly

Finally, a good tip to prevent scratches is to inspect your helmet regularly. Since helmet visors are the most prone to get scratched, be especially attentive to this part of your helmet. As soon as you can see any small scuffs or scratches on your helmet that can obstacle your vision, remove them with any of the methods given above.

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Can you polish scratches out of a visor?

For the minor scratches on your helmet, there are two possible ways to polish them.

If you are not tight on money, you can get a good polisher such as Plexus plastic cleaner. All that you need is just to spray the polish onto the visor surface and gently rub it with a soft and clean microfiber cloth.

As a more budget variant, you use toothpaste to deal with the scratches on your helmet visor. However, there are some tips to follow when you polish a helmet visor with toothpaste.

Tip 1: Don’t rub too eagerly as you can damage the visor surface.

Tip 2: Avoid using kinds of toothpaste with calcium carbonate, ammonia, and abrasive compounds.

How do you get scratches out of polycarbonate face shields?

A heat gun works really well for removing scratches of smaller and medium sizes.

If you have minor scratches, be sure that a heat gun can fix the situation. You can also use a hair dryer to heat the damaged surface.

As for the medium scratches, you can’t completely remove them from your face shield. However, you can pre-dry them, and then fix them with a heat gun. The scratches can reduce significantly, so they won’t cause many problems.

How do you clean a blurry helmet visor?

In case your visor gets blurry, always keep with you the visor spray or some paper towels. If you can’t apply the spray on your visor, dampen a clean paper towel and press it to the visor for at least ten seconds. Then, clean the visor and dry it completely.

Final thoughts

As you can see, the scratching issues are often possible to fix. The main rule of thumb is to care for your helmet properly and inspect it regularly to avoid severest cases. Have a safe and cool ride!

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