How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety

How to use helmet lock motorcycle? Are you familiar with the sensation of having to hold onto your helmet when you would prefer to leave it alongside your bike in the parking area?

Additionally, are you anxious that it may be snatched? No need to fret, as there are techniques for securing your helmet to your bike.

Many bikes already come equipped with built-in helmet locks, or you can purchase a separate one that attaches to your bike. Simply loop the helmet strap through the lock and secure it to the bike.

Another option is to use a cable lock to loop through the helmet and secure it to the bike frame or a sturdy object nearby.

By taking the time to secure your helmet properly, you can have peace of mind knowing it won’t be easily snatched, and you can leave it safely with your parked bike.

In this article, we will consider options for locks for a helmet and methods for attaching them to a motorcycle.

how to use helmet lock motorcycle

What is a motorcycle helmet lock?

A motorcycle helmet lock is a device that allows you to securely attach your helmet to your motorcycle when you are not using it.

Typically, this lock has an external casing that attaches to the motorcycle and an internal lock that securely fastens the helmet.

It can be done in various ways: combination lock, key, code block, etc. Many models of helmet locks are available on the market, but it is always worth choosing a reliable and high-quality product to protect your helmet from theft.

Choice 1: Securing your helmet to your motorcycle using a helmet lock

To ensure the safety of your helmet when parking your motorcycle, a motorcycle helmet lock is the top recommended and simplest method.

These motorcycle helmet locks are compact, lightweight, and specifically made for securing helmets.

Additionally, they are cost-effective, with popular models of the motorcycle helmets being not an expensive helmet and ranging between $20 and $40.

How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety 3

What is a helmet lock?

A motorcycle helmet lock is designed to fasten motorcycle helmets onto an object, usually a motorbike, and can come in various types.

The most common helmet locks use a wire to secure the motorcycle helmets, which involves looping the wire around the chin compartment of the helmet and connecting it to the bike frame, preventing it from being taken.

What if your helmet has an open visor?

In such a scenario, you can employ a helmet lock that attaches your chinstrap to the lock to keep your helmet with an open visor safe.

To be honest, I’m not particularly keen on all those locks that rely on the chin compartment for security.

The chinstrap can be effortlessly snipped off, making the helmet vulnerable to theft.

It might be acceptable for a speedy trip to Walmart, but I wouldn’t entrust it to safeguard my helmet for extended periods of time.

When should a helmet u locks be used?

Generally, people keep their helmets at home and do not use a motorcycle helmet lock, which is only necessary when traveling. Some instances where a helmet lock may come in handy include:

  • Running errands at Walmart and leaving your bike in the parking lot
  • Taking a lunch break while riding with friends on a Saturday and stopping to eat at a restaurant
  • Parking your bike in a private lot in front of your workplace
  • Visiting a friend and leaving your bike on their driveway in a busy urban center. While a helmet lock can be convenient in other cases, it should not be considered a long-term solution for helmet storage.
How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety 4

Choice 2: Using a gun lock to secure your helmet

Choosing to use helmet locks specifically designed for helmets can be expensive, but luckily, you can use a spare lock helmet at no extra cost.

In the United States, every gun is sold with a complementary gun lock, so it’s possible that you already have a spare one. If you don’t, consider asking your friends or family if they have one that’s not being used.

Most gun locks can easily fit perfectly on your helmet, and, by attaching it to your bike’s frame, you can keep your helmet secure while you’re out and about.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of utilizing gun locks is their limited length, which often allows only for securing your helmet to the motorbike.

Additionally, finding a secure and scratch-free location may prove difficult. Hence, you need to try out various alternatives until you discover the most suitable one.

This article will provide recommendations on where you can fasten your helmet on your motorcycle, like the handlebars or a passenger foot peg.

How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety 6

Choice 3: Using a regular bicycle cable lock for motorbike

Another option is to use a regular bicycle cable lock. Use the cable locks, and this method has the benefit of a longer cable that can often secure your helmet to a suitable location.

But, the downside of using a bicycle cable lock is its larger size. Unlike a bicycle cable lock made specifically to be compact and lightweight for convenient storage under your seat, regular cable locks are generally bulky and may not fit in that space.

How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety 7

Choice 4: Use the bicycle chain lock

Another possibility is to fasten your helmet by threading it through the bicycle chain lock on your motorcycle.

However, this method is not advisable since it could potentially harm your helmet. Nevertheless, it is still worth considering as an option. To put this approach into practice, you can simply use the same chain lock that you use for your bike and pass it through your helmet, which will secure it in place.

It is not recommended to chain lock since it involves placing it on the ground, which is unsanitary and could result in accumulating dirt.

Additionally, the repeated jostling caused by the chain lock can damage your helmet.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a more appropriate option, such as an alarmed disk lock, which can provide adequate security while keeping your helmet safe.

How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety 8

Where is the best place to fasten your helmet?

Now that you know which method to lock helmet to motorcycle to adhere to, let’s discuss where there’s just enough space for attachment.

Motorcycle helmet mount on handlebar

There are various options available, such as the handlebars. It is crucial to ensure that the lock helmet cannot be easily removed from the handlebars.

Generally, the center of the handlebars is a recommended spot to attach motorcycle helmet locks to. Passenger footrests cannot use a helmet lock as a convenient bike helmets holder by flipping them down.

However, make sure to park your motorcycle in a safe place before leaving your bike helmets there.

Avoid leaving it on public roads where people or dogs may disturb the lockable seat. For scooter riders, it’s easy to store your helmet under the buddy seat locks.

Can your seat be removed?

You have the option to remove the seat with bolt cutters, secure your helmet to a location beneath the seat, and then reattach the seat.

Alternatively, you can place the helmet on the seat and prevent any manipulation of the lock helmet, since it is located beneath the seat.

Motorcycle helmet mount on the mirror

Another effective method for storing your helmet: use a helmet lock around the mirror.

Simply loop the mirror through your helmet and position the helmet on the handlebar. Afterward, attach the lock, and you’re prepared for your travels.

How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety 9

Why it’s important to avoid placing your helmet on the ground

In the preceding paragraph, we provided some suggestions for secure spots to fasten your helmet to.

Nonetheless, there is one location that you should steer clear of at all costs.

This location is the ground, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the pavement or road will gradually make your helmet dirty. Secondly, if it happens under the rain, your helmet will begin to absorb water, which is not ideal.

The same rule applies to the passenger pegs, although the risk is somewhat less. It is necessary to avoid securing the helmet to the passenger pegs. Nevertheless, it can be done sensibly.

What to remember

Remember, it’s not just about locking your motorbike, but also protecting your helmet. Do you typically bike’s stock lock it to your motorcycle, or do you carry it with you? If your helmet is particularly valuable, you may opt to hold onto it.

Additionally, if there are any other creative ways you secure your helmet to your motorcycle, feel free to share and assist other riders in the process.

How to use motorcycle helmet lock for safety 10


How does a helmet lock on a motorcycle work?

Helmet locks on a motorcycle are a simple mechanism that allows the rider to securely attach their helmet to the bike while it is parked. There are several variations of the helmet u lock mechanism, but they all work on the same basic principle.

The most common type of helmet lock is a small metal loop or hook that is attached to the frame of the motorcycle, usually near the seat or under the passenger footrest.

To use the lock, the rider simply slips the chin strap of their helmet through the loop and secures it in place. The helmet locks will then prevent the helmet from being removed, providing a secure storage option for the rider’s helmet.

Some helmet locks are built in motorcycle lock, requiring the use of a key to secure the helmet. With another lock, your helmet may use a combination code or a magnetic strip to provide security.

In summary, a motorcycle helmet lock is a simple and effective device that allows a bike rider to securely lock your helmet while it is not in use. It’s an essential tool for any rider who wants to keep their helmet safe and secure while they are away from their motorcycle.

How do I keep my motorcycle helmet from being stolen?

Here are some tips to keep your motorcycle helmet from being stolen:

1. Always lock your helmet onto your bike using a helmet lock.
2. Take your helmet with you when you leave your motorcycle.
3. Purchase a helmet bag that you can carry with you.
4. Install a motorcycle alarm system that includes a helmet lock alert feature.
5. Park your motorcycle in well-lit and highly trafficked areas.
6. Avoid parking your motorcycle in areas with high crime rates.
7. Use a locking mechanism that goes through the helmet’s chin strap and secures it to the motorcycle.
8. Purchase a GPS tracker that can be hidden in your helmet.
9. Take a photo of your helmet’s unique features and document its serial number.
10. Avoid leaving your helmet on your motorcycle for extended periods.


It is extremely important to lock your helmet when leaving it on your motorcycle, as it may be the only protection against helmet theft.

Safety and protecting personal property are key factors in any type of motorcycling, and u lock your helmet, you increase the level of safety for your helmet.

Additionally, economically speaking, a built in lock on your helmet can also protect it from damage and potential repairs in case it is stolen.

If you have to leave your helmet on a motorcycle, make sure it is attached to the bike in a way that makes it difficult to steal. Use special locks or chains to secure the helmet to the motorcycle. It is also best to avoid leaving valuable items inside the helmet while it is left on the motorcycle.

Remember that in addition to being iron horses, motorcycles have enemies, such as thieves who may try to steal your belongings. Keep your helmet locked to stay safe and protect your property from theft.

If you need to read about how to lock helmet to motorcycle, please read our article.

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