How to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding: smart biker’s tips

A biker bandana is an insanely popular and versatile accessory. For bikers, it is crucial to know how to make use of motorcycle bandanas in different ways.

Wearing a bandana is not only fun, but it also makes you safer from many issues, such as weather conditions, helmet hair, and road debris.

We are here to share a few smart tips on how to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding.

how to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding

How to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding?

Biker bandanas are also known as doo-rags or motorcycle bandanas. This versatile unit is a head scarf or headband. You can tie it just around your head, or use it to line your helmet as well.

Bandanas are the immutable attribute of all biker gangs.

Create a cool Harley Davidson-styled look with the help of this simple accessory!

Here are just 5 simple and versatile tips on how to wear a bandana properly.

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 2

Step 1: Fix your hair

Before wearing a bandana, get your hair managed well. If not managed properly, your hair can get a weird shape after you take a motorcycle helmet or bandana off.

Just fix your hair the way you prefer unless you have a short haircut or a high ponytail.

Brush your hair thoroughly or just run it with your fingers to keep it smooth and neat.

Remember that you should manage your hair after you wear a bandana as well so that the chosen style will be kept throughout the whole ride.

Step 2: Prepare the bandana

Place your motorcycle bandana on a flat surface. If you see that it is wrinkled, iron the surface to make it look neat.

Then, take one corner of your bandana and connect it with the opposite one. Flat your bandana half diagonally to form a triangle shape.

Now, fix the folded edge on your bandana either by hand or with a help of an iron. Keep the right fold that makes your bandana look perfect!

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 4

Step 3: Fix the ends

Now, take the two ends of your bandana with both hands.

It is crucial to grip both ends and make the equal ends behind your head!

When gripping, hold the two ends tight until you tie your bandana well. Don’t loosen the ends, as you can ruin the folded line and wear a bandana awkwardly.

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 5

Step 4: Adjust a bandana on your forehead

The next step is to adjust the comfort level to tie a bandana.

Place the folded bandana so that one corner will face you and the folding line will be opposite to you. You will get a triangle with the lower end of a bandana placed toward you.

Bring your bandana to your head and press the folded edge to your forehead. Adjust the line to comfortable fit you.

Make sure that the folded bandana stays across your forehead and above both your ears.

Generally, bikers wear motorcycle bandanas in the middle of their foreheads. However, if you prefer to place a bandana higher or lower, that is absolutely okay.

In addition, you may place your bandana lower on the forehead if you are going to use it to line your helmet.

Long story short, adjust the folded edge of your bandana whatever you like, and feel comfy!

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 6

Step 5: Tie a bandana

Now, bring the end of your bandana together to make a tight knot!

Make sure that your bandana is perfectly set over your head. The best idea is to do it in front of the mirror. However, you can generally do it wherever you wish.

Bring both ends of a bandana behind your head, and cross them over.

Then, tie them in a square knot. That is easy to do and reliable in use.

Finally, what should you do with the hanging ends of your bandana? Just tuck them carefully under the fixed square knot, and you are good to go!

Remember that a loose end of a bandana is potentially dangerous as it is flapping while you are on the ride and obscures the following motorist’s view.

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 7

What are other ways of wearing bandanas?

This modest accessory can be used in different styles. You can try many ways to shape, wear, and tie your bandanas, so you will be unique in any situation!

Here are the most popular and handy tips on how to wear bandanas.

Tip 1: Bandana as a headband. If you prefer to make a bandana headband or a biker head scarf, it is one of your best bets! Not only it looks cool, but you can also use it as an extra liner for your helmet.

Place the lower end of the triangle up to the folded bandana. Fold it towards this line so that the tip will be at the center of the folding line. Then, fold it at least once more to form a long headband.

Tip 2: Bandana as a face mask. You canwear your motorcycle bandana as a mask that protects your face from wind and flying debris. Besides, this mask covers your face from the excess sunlight while riding.

To make a mask, simply tie your bandana over the face placing the lower corner to your neck.

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 8

Tip 3: Bandana as a neck scarf. One more good option is to tie the motorcycle bandana to your neck. Some bikers wear a bandana in this Texas-style to get a badass look!

Wrap your neck with the triangle-shaped motorcycle bandana, and fix the ends behind in a tight knot.

Tip 4: Bandana as a napkin. Similarly to the tip below, you may use your favorite doo-rag as a napkin… In this case, you have to take a spare bandana with you, as you can’t tie the napkin-used one over your head!

Tip 5: Bandana on your wrist. When not in use, your motorcycle bandana can be worn on your wrist!

It is a handy way to have a doo-rag always at fetch so that you can untie it any moment you need.

Tip 6: Hair-sprayed bandana. Yes, some biker enthusiasts prefer to spray their bandanas before wearing them. It is a good way to fix the bandana in place so that it won’t slide down your head.

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 9

Tip 7: Bandana as a helmet liner. Some people use bandanas to line their motorcycle helmets, especially in the summer. You can both protect your head from rubbing and keep it cool when riding in hot weather.

Making a liner is similar to making a headband. Just wrap the folded doo-rag over your forehead, so that one side is a bit lower than the helmet’s edge. The other side will be under your helmet.

wear a bandana for motorcycle riding 10

Tip 8: Bandana as a towel. The same thing is about a napkin bandana. A handy hack if you are traveling without a normal towel. However, make sure that you have a spare doo-rag that you can wear afterward!

Tip 9: Bandana as an eye mask. Finally, if you are going to have a rest outdoors, your doo-rag is a good thing to cover your eyes from the bothering sunlight!

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Why wear a bandana under a motorcycle helmet?

As a bandana is a versatile accessory, it is not only a part of your cool look but also a protective item that is good to have when riding on the road.

Wearing a bandana can provide a biker with a whole list of benefits:

Protect from dust and road debris
Prevent helmet hair
Avoid hair damage
Absorb your sweat and hair oils
Sun and heat protection
Hair management
Stylish look

How can you use a bandana?

Having a bandana, a biker has several things just in one item! Depending on what you need, which style you prefer, what size your doo-rag is, and what fabric it is made of, you can try many ways to use it.

Here’s how to wear and use motorcycle bandanas:

Bandana headband
Face mask
Neck scarf
Helmet liner

Final thoughts

Knowing how to wear a biker bandana is crucial for every biker. Now you are equipped with a pack of smart doo-rag hacks. Be cool, be stylish, and keep yourself on the safe side!

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