How to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair: securing the mane

How to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair? When a movie character takes off a motorcycle helmet and shakes their hair in a slow sexy way, styling it perfectly with a simple motion, we are enchanted. But when the sensual spell wears off, we realize that it’s not how it works.

how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair

We, riders with long hair, know what a pain it is to get “helmet hair” and live with it for hours. How about wearing a helmet and avoiding a hair disaster afterward? Is it real?

It is real. You can look presentable after a motorcycle riding if you own an impressive mane of long, thick hair. But there is no magic, no stopping the shoot and styling the actor’s hair. Yet, you can still find a way to be decent.

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Braids, ponytails, and buns are preferred hairstyles that will help you, as well as such accessories as scarves, bandanas, or Diva-dos.

Let’s look at the best options that a motorcycle rider has to prevent the ‘helmet hair‘ calamity.

Long hair and helmet solution

The situation with motorcycle helmets and long hair is not as dire as it may seem. It’s true that after wearing a helmet, you will be prone to messy hair if you don’t think about your long hair in advance. A full-face helmet is a real challenge for the rider’s hair, especially if it’s a long ride.

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But let’s stay positive: generations of long-haired riders have come up with a trick or two up their sleeves and are ready to share. There are basically two main approaches: preferable hairstyles and smart accessories.

Braiding: both simple or elaborate

My personal favorite. Too boring? I don’t think so. Whether the intricate ones require serious skills or simple 3 strand plaits, they are effective at keeping you put together and elegant or playful, depending on the style of the braided hair.

Long wavy or straight hair plaited properly will endure a motorcycle riding and come out as a winner. Braids look great on both male and female riders. Just don’t make them too tight or too lax. Braid your hair just well enough to endure a motorcycle ride.

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Hightail hair protector: smart accessory

This is basically a part of the motorcycle gear. I am positive it was designed or inspired by the long-haired riders because it’s so convenient. Acting like a pocket to hide the hair, hightail hair protector is attached to the motorcycle helmet.

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Experienced riders like combining it with a skull cap. Wearing a skull cap provides an additional protective layer for your hair. This way, there is no contact between the helmet’s interior and the tresses.

Hightail hair protector is made of spandex and spacious enough to accommodate even very long hair.

Ponytail: easy and effective

It’s the most common go-to when you are in a hurry. With a rubber band, a twist of the hand — and your hair is ready for a long ride. It looks neat and can stand even a full-face helmet. However, it’s worth noting that it should be a low ponytail, as it’s supposed to go under the helmet.

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Make sure that you feel comfortable, and that the ponytail doesn’t put excess pressure anywhere. Also, your ponytail shouldn’t be either too lax or too strict. In the first case, you’ll end up with a mess on your head by the end of the ride.

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With an excessively tight pony, you may unwillingly damage your tresses, which can even result in hair loss. So find the balance and make your pony just right. Use comfortable and good-quality hair ties or bands.

I love hair wraps. If I had really long hair, I’d wrap my hair all the time. They look absolutely cool, and you don’t have to hide your pony under the jacket. Unfortunately, my hair isn’t long enough for this style.

Bun: elegant solution

Turning your long tresses into an elegant bun is a decent solution. A couple of bobby pins — and you are done. Although, there are a couple of issues with this style. It’s not particularly enduring and probably won’t survive long rides. Especially if you are an owner of thick curls, you are likely to get your bun exposed to the elements. The result — is frizzy hair or dusty or wet hair.

But if the hair isn’t too thick and long, the bun will work just fine for you.

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Scarves and the likes

Here, we introduce all kinds of head wraps that not only have a good chance to save you from ‘helmet hair’ but can also protect you from the dust and dirt on the roads.

As for the scarves, I prefer silk. Can you blame me? They are gentle on the hair, and they absorb moisture, thus preventing a damp hair situation. Scarves diminish the negative effect motorcycle helmets have on the rider’s hair. You don’t have to go for the Hermès scarf, of course. You can make a style statement without making a hole in the budget.

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It may be a surprise for you, but cotton scarves are not a good idea to cover the head under the helmet. They dry the hair, absorbing its natural oils. So stay away from cotton scarves.

A great option to choose is a Diva-do (or a Doo-rag). This accessory is an effective protector of long hair, which is hidden from the aggressive environment of the roads. It makes riding more enjoyable with your hair not bothering you at all. It’s also so stylish.

A hair sock went into this category as well. You can even make it work aesthetically. Satin varieties are very popular and comfortable to wear.

Bandanas are a smart choice, too. They are great for both long and short hair. If your hair is really long, though, a bandana will not save it. You’ll need to think of some additional protection.

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A head sock (balaclava) is also an option. A head sock is an effective facial protection accessory, but I would recommend using a head sock in colder climates or in winter, as it covers the whole face and can be suffocating in the heat.

Neck gaiter: endless designs

Although the primary purpose of a neck gaiter is not hair, but neck and face protection, it does save long hair twisted in a bun from the dust and dirt of long roads. You can use a neck gaiter with ponytails or plaits as well, of course.

We should note though that the top of the head is not safe with a neck gaiter. It leaves your head hair inside the helmet without any additional barrier from a helmet because it circles your head underneath the eyes.

But I love the styles. You can buy a neck gaiter in the most incredible design possible. Such an awesome way of self-expression!

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Letting it loose: ultimate freedom

Let’s be honest: when a gorgeous girl or guy with a thick mane of hair is riding into the sunset, it’s breathtaking. And darn the consequences. Whether it’s worth it or not is for you to decide. Maybe on occasion… Because it can be traumatic for your hair, apart from making it dusty and tangled.

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Rider’s manual: caring for your hair

So, we came to the place where I give you the tips. Wearing a motorcycle helmet with long hair can be tricky but not undoable. Hopefully, you’ll find my tips useful and apply at least some of them.

  1. Following motorcycle riding, avoid brushing the hair because it’s in a vulnerable state. Wait for a while.
  2. Stay away from hair sprays if you are going to wear a motorcycle helmet shortly.
  3. Wet hair and motorcycle helmets are not friends. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you wear a helmet.
  4. When a proper shower is not an option, and your hair is dusty and dirty after motorcycle riding, apply a dry shampoo. Whereas a dry shampoo is not an alternative to proper hair washing, it can come in handy as an emergency tool.
  5. Use natural oils for moisturizing and nourishing your hair. Motorcycle riding, especially long trips, can weaken your hair, and it will need additional care.
  6. Wash your hair regularly with high-quality shampoos and conditioners for your hair type. Your hair is exposed to extreme conditions and needs proper care.
  7. Ensure proper helmet hygiene. The helmet’s interior must be regularly maintained, and all the dirt — removed. While doing that, pay special attention to the inner lining, something can be stuck there.
  8. A full-face helmet is the best protector, but if you are opposed to them, a modular helmet is your next best choice. Some riders find a modular helmet more comfortable.

Final thoughts

Wearing a helmet with long hair can be challenging at times, but challenges never stop tough motorcycle riders forged in battles with the winds.

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We now have multiple options to choose from, from braids to a skull cap, from a head sock to a silk scarf. Everyone can find the solution that will work for them, thus making sure that their hair is well cared for. And from time to time, we can let it loose and catch the wind.

Frequently asked questions

What hairstyles go with a long hair motorcycle helmet?

With any kind of helmet, including full-face and modular helmets, the following styles will be a reasonable choice: one or several braids, a ponytail (possibly styled in a hair wrap), or a low bun. They all, if done correctly, will keep the hair neat and can be hidden either under a scarf, a bandana, or another accessory.

How do you keep long hair under a helmet?

A legitimate option will be tying the hair in a ponytail and hiding it under a Doo-rag or a Diva-do afterward. The accessories will keep your hair protected from the elements and prevent direct contact with your hair with the full-face or modular helmets you’re wearing.
Balaclavas worn under full-face and modular helmets will also hide your ponytail pretty well. Their only drawback is that riding in a balaclava in a hot summer may be uncomfortable because it basically covers your whole face.

How not to mess up your hair while wearing a motorcycle helmet?

You can braid your hair, it’s not complex, very convenient, and looks great. With a long braid, it will be easy to hide it under the jacket to prevent its contact with road dust. You can also wear a ponytail, which you should make low, so it doesn’t interfere with the helmet.
A hair wrap made of a piece of bright cloth or leather is a fantastic idea because it makes you look special and keeps your hair from the dusty winds of the roads.

How do I keep my long hair from tangling on my motorcycle?

If you would rather not untangle your hair after a ride, avoid letting your hair loose during the trip.
The blowing wind, while making your long mane look enchanting, will also tangle it to the point where you’ll spend hours untangling the hair strands and washing and conditioning them afterward. Regular rides like that may even lead to hair loss.
On the other hand, if you make a low ponytail and put it under a Diva-do or a scarf, it will remain intact. Not only will it stay not tangled at all, but it will also be clean even after a long ride.

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