Where can I sell my motorcycle helmet: four answers

There are several methods to sell old helmets you do not need anymore. Do you want to find the perfect way to sell your motorcycle helmet? Here is the list of platforms and other places to offer old helmets for sale.

But first, let’s find out who could be interested in old motorcycle helmets for sale, and why helmets are still useful when not fit to wear anymore.

where can i sell my motorcycle helmet

Who wants your old motorcycle helmet and why?

The first thing you have to know is that using old motorcycle helmets for riding is a bad idea. Motorcycle protection is extremely important for saving lives.

That’s why the helmet for sale must be in perfect condition if you are going to offer it to the rider who wants to save some money by buying secondhand stuff.

Has your motorcycle helmet never been in an accident? Hope it hasn’t. Does it have no damage or even scratches? Does the helmet look like it is brand new? It doesn’t matter if it is out of date. Anyway, the polystyrene of a helmet loses its ability to protect from strikes just because it is wearing out.

So, used motorcycle helmets are not supposed to be sold for riding. But helmets still can be useful for collectors, emergency services, schools, and universities for their classes, etc.

Online service to sell a used helmet

Let’s take a look at the most popular online platforms to trade. Everyone has heard about them and lots of people have used them. They can be useful in selling a helmet as well.

Table: selling platform’s name, advantages, disadvantages


  • The most popular online auction in the world is a reliable service to sell the helmet you don’t need anymore. As a mediator, the platform defends you from any fraud of customers. You will definitely get your money for the motorcycle helmet you are going to send to a buyer.

  • Easy to use. A seller has only to publish a photo of an old helmet and write a fair description.

  • It is an auction. So, you will have an opportunity to sell the old motorcycle helmet at the price it deserves if your offer finds appropriate demand. Every user is also allowed to make extra payments to advertise their old helmet.

  • Commission. It is about 15 % of the final price of an old helmet to sell.

  • Many offers from the other sellers of a helmet. You have to compete with them for the client on the selling platform.


  • A very popular service used by 197 million customers visiting the platform every month to sell and buy. You will definitely find a buyer looking for a good helmet.

  • No risk of being deceived by unfair buyers of a helmet.

  • Lots of competitors. Maybe, your ad will be lost among the other similar offers if you don’t cut the price of your helmet dramatically.

  • Big commission. Like on the eBay service, an average seller pays approximately 15 % of a product price.

These were the most popular services you can use for selling a helmet. You can also consider the other ones, like Bonanza and so on.

There are some differences between the commissions, rules, shipping policies, etc.

But the principle is the same. If you do not want to waste your time, talk to potential customers of a helmet to sell, and wait for the best opportunity to sell, you go to the special site and pay more for the comfort and good service of the platform.

Otherwise, if you are ready to walk around searching for the best offer, you will be interested in the alternatives below.

masterhelmet 17

Motorcycle gear and helmets shop

It is a special place for buying motorcycle accessories. Some of the helmet online stores accept secondhand items at a lower price to sell them with a profit after all.

Keep in mind that the motorcycle helmet to sell should be in good condition.

Probably, they will turn you down if the gear has no documents, or it is out of date.

But sometimes a store accepts old motorcycle helmets to sell no matter how they look if a visitor is ready to buy a new one. So, you can get a discount by the utilization of the old stuff you want to sell.

To use this method, just contact the stores around you by phone, e-mail, or feedback on the official sites and learn about their conditions regarding helmets to sell. It can be profitable but takes additional effort for selling the helmet.

Secondhand store

This way is similar to the previous one. But a secondhand shop can accept many kinds of goods, not only motorcycle helmets. So, such a store does not specialize in motorcycle protection. That’s why they don’t want a motorcycle helmet to be in great condition. Most likely, there won’t be any deep expertise.

At the same time, you don’t have to expect much money for your old helmet to sell.

So, it is not a way to sell higher-end helmets. Maybe it is just a way to get rid of a useless thing. It won’t make you a rich person. And if your old motorcycle helmet is not good enough to be sold, the best way to get some free space in your storage is a donation.


Who could need an old, bad-looking, or even damaged motorcycle helmet which costs nearly nothing? There are some options:

  • Emergency services. The doctors often practice using the used helmets to be able to take off the victim’s motorcycle helmet. So, your donation can save someone’s life after a real road accident.
  • Schools and universities. For example, a used helmet can be useful for safety classes.
  • Art studios. The artists can practice using any used helmets.
masterhelmet 18


Is it OK to sell used motorcycle helmets?

It’s good for selling if it’s brand new or won’t be worn by a rider.

How much is a motorcycle helmet worth?

It depends on the gear itself.

Can you sell a bike helmet?

Yes, you can.

What can I do with an old bike helmet?

You can sell or donate it.


The fastest and the most comfortable way to sell a used helmet is going to online selling services like Amazon or eBay.

If you don’t want to share the profit, consider the motorcycle helmet and secondhand markets. In this case, you have to make an effort to sell. It also takes much more time to find a customer.

Do you want just to have more room in your storage? Donate the used helmet to the emergency service. They practice with old helmets in releasing a person’s head and saving riders’ lives.

If you need to read about recycling your old helmet, please read our article.

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